The Inside Approach Golf Swing Trainer

The Inside Approach golf swing trainer is a golf teaching aid that encourages golfers to swing the club on the correct 'inside path'. It shows immediate feedback on whether the swing is too steep, over the top, or too far from the inside. The free training video is available in VHS or DVD. Product includes: Inside Approach, Carrying Bag, Instructional Training Video: VHS or DVD, Informational Literature.

Just a Few Swings!
All it takes is just a few swings for you to gain a clear understanding of where the club needs to be swung as it approaches the ball. With this inside approach golf swing system you get immediate positive and negative feedback on whether you have a square clubface at impact and whether you are approaching the ball from the proper inside path!

With the Inside Approach golf training aid you can correct a multitude of golf shot problems including pulled shots, slicing the ball, pop-ups, pushes and hooks. This amazing yet simple approach to learning how to swing on the correct path works for golfers of all skill levels.

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About The Inside Approach Trainer!

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