Momentus Short Game Wizard

Hit phenomenal shots around the green!
Develop a world class short game!

What is the Momentus Short Game Wizard?
The Momentus Short Game Wizard is a weighted club that you actually get to hit balls with -fitted with a 60 sand wedge head. It conforms to the USGA Rules of Golf and is designed to replace your own 60-degree wedge.

How will it help your short game?
The Momentus Short Game Wizard will give you a tremendous touch around the green for those delicate chips, pitches and bunker shots, resulting in the thrilling satisfaction of getting the ball up and down from anywhere!

You'll get the ball up and down from any lie with ease and confidence from 60 yards and in. With your newfound abilities and heightened confidence, you'll immediately produce great shots and start shooting lower scores.

The Momentus Short Game Wizard:
  • Provides immediate feedback from watching the shots being struck
  • Has a 260 gram weighted shaft which swings with an even tempo, so you can't get quick from the top, stab at the ball, or yip your chips, pitches and bunker shots
  • The added weight gives you more control for those delicate chips, pitches, lobs and bunker shots
  • Will eliminate decelerating the club head into the ball
  • Is evenly balanced and weighted to ensure crisp and solid contact
"Perfect your swing and master the short game by simply hitting balls." -David Duval

Click Here to develop your own world class short game
with the Momentus Short Game Wizard!

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